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Ellen McCaleb
610 Route 126
Barrington, NH 03825
(603) 664-7347

To ensure that your carving gets created exactly how you want it please  Fill out the form below with your deposit . Please do not hesitate to call with any specific questions not listed below. -Ellen

Carving Direction:

Do you want the carving to face left or right?

Hint: right-handers prefer it facing left and lefties prefer the other way round.

Shape of Plaque:

Select the shape of the plaque.

Regarding the plaque: ½ body models look best on rectangular plaques and ¾ body models look best on oval plaque (with some exceptions).



Black walnut or Medium/Dark Mahogany or Artist’s Choice.

If uncertain, leave blank and I will decide which compliments the carving best.  Custom colors and finishes are no problem.

e.g.  “Although the photo is dark, the fish was fresh from the sea and very bright.”  Or, “I like your Labrador brook trout – I want one just like it.” 

Please state what you would like lettered on the plaque. Suggestions include but are not limited to: poundage, date, place, angler’s name.  Others are guide names, pool name or a personal inscription on front or back.

Where/from whom did you learn of my work?

A deposit of $1000.00 will place you in Ellen's line. The balance is due upon completion of the piece. Lead-times:  Lead times vary.  As little as 12 months and as great at 24 months.  If you would like an exact price quote before you reserve your place in line with a deposit, contact Ellen at: ellen@fishcarvings.com


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